Friday, November 17, 2017
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Pitch Project

17th September 2011 - Construction Week 29 

The photos below now show the final fit well under way. The changing rooms, toilet blocks and kitchen are in advance stages of fit out, and you may notice the theme of Club colours appearing through many of the rooms.

The sign is now fitted on the building frontage, and awaits the installation of the lighting floods. The exterior works are close to completion, with the last of the fencing and gates being erected this week, street lighting to the car park and the Wheelock Trail well underway, and the top coat to the road surface and car park areas all scheduled for the week ahead.

The aerial shots taken by entrepid photo correspondent (thanks John) from the top of a access scissor lift, show off the scale of the site and the fact that the grass is starting to grow quite well, and starts to show off the site and its potential. This view however is deceptive as the grass remains in early fragile stages of growth, and with some patches in need of additional seeding and treatment before it enters its dormant phase in a few short weeks, when the frosts start to appear and we see no more growth before early spring.

So please keep off the grass and encourage all other to do so. We are finding evidence of damage already from those either keen to view and some who continue to walk dogs on the site also 'leaving evidence'!

Nearly there, counting the days down now.





16th August 2011 - Construction Week 25 

These most recent photographs show the continued progress toward phase 1 completion of the new facilities. Floodlights are now erected to the all weather pitch though yet to be fully tested and calibrated; work underway on the lighting scheme for the Wheelock Trail and car park; gas tanks are installed and work on the equipment compound has started; all pitch areas are seeded and given rain and warm weather we will see the green shoots of growth shortly.
Internally the building is really taking shape, tiling is virtually complete, a mighty task in itself with the 10 main changing rooms, officials rooms, disabled changing and all toilet areas having tiling. Decoration has started in some areas, first fit electrics, gas and water is also close to completion with shower heads being installed, kitchen fit commencing very soon, and the floor finishes going down.

The club name has also recently been added to the exterior wall with lighting to follow.

The site is a hive of activity as the various trades and contractors are engaged in the final stages of completion in the next month. All being well, systems testing and commissioning works will be complete by the end of September, with Monday 3rd October being the day we have targeted for first use of the all weather pitch and clubhouse.

We do need to confirm this date closer to the time as there remains much to conclude before we open the doors to the first part of the scheme (remember grass will follow next year once established robustly, at which time we intend a formal opening ceremony); however all things remaining equal, this date is achievable.

As we move through September this page will update more regularly.

For anyone (other than SUFC) interested in booking time on the all weather pitch, or in the education suite/meeting room please email in the first instance, and cc.





14th July 2011 - Construction Week 20 

The construction has now reached a stage where the rapid progress of the big scale construction is reaching an end. Much of the ongoing works will be internal to the building, with hot and cold water systems to over 50 showers being a major task, tiling all the wet areas, intenal flooring, changing rooms, toilet and kitchen areas all needing fit out; but this will not be very visible progress to the casual observer. Watching the grass grow will hardly be an exciting development on the site, but good to start seeing brown fields turn to lush green over the next few months. Probably the last of the major changes will commence next week, with floodlights to the AWP, and the street lighting scheme to the Wheelock Trail and the Car Park being the last of the noticeable major projects to get underway..

Below, the fully formed grass pitch areas are undergoing final grading work following the installation of all the required drainage and ducting works. The laser levelling equipment will make three passes over the surfaces to remove all the ruts created from the heavy earth moving machinery and bulldozers during the cut and fill works, thereafter top dressing will be completed and we expect seeding to commence by the end of July. Alongside we have a shot of the building with the glass doors now fitted to the education suite and the kitchen servery, with the building now secure with all windows and doors fitted. Following the completion of the waste water swale around the building, this area has now been levelled and laid to stone ready to take the paving.



Here we see the trenching and cable run for the flloodlights to the artificial pitch and the newly erected perimeter fence line. The pitch surface is now fully laid, and the red line markings (laid in error) have been replaced with the regulation yellow line markings. The articificial pitch will now require some settle time, with the rubber crumb to be added and the surface fibres to be lifted and groomed several times to provide the high specification surface to be used for play. Thereafter the suface will undergo several tests to ensure it complies with the FIFA 1star standards for bounce, roll and run.

24th June 2011 - Construction Week 17

Brick work and the roof have now been completed and the scaffolding has been removed. Work has started on the laying of the 3G surface.






3rd June 2011 - Construction Week 14

Brick work is now almost complete and work has started on the roof. Work on the 3G has started and grass pitch platforms are in place with work starting on the drainage.








8th May 2011 - Two months on...

Despite a month full of Bank Holidays work continues at pace on the development of our new Home at Hind Heath Road. The selection of photos below offer views of the site, please refer back to the diagram at the top of this page for oreintation. Work is essentially on target or slightly ahead of schedule.

The Car park tiers are now fully formed and the access road and disabled parking are laid to a base coat of tarmac, the parking area is laid to its final finish, with the bottom tier acting as site compound.


These photos show the platform and top-soil in place for the two lower adult picthes (5+6)  and the the three youth pitches (7,8+9) as the lower level of the site is now close to fully formed with the majoroity of the major earth moving complete in this area. 


The first below clealry shows the under soil in the on site roadway between the Adult pitch 2 and the youth pitch 7, with the topsoil now in place sitting on top ready to receive drainage pipes in the next weeks, the second shows the area where the All Weather Pitch (1) will be constrcuted following the topsoil strip completed this past week. Work on this key element of the site is due to commence from 16th May, and will run for approx 12 weeks.


Here we see the area yet to be started, which will see two adult pitches (3+4), but offer a good reference to how the area all looked until recently! We also see below in stark contrast how much progress is being made, with the first of the block work starting to come out of the ground, with the back wall of the buliding now at shoulder height with the access door to the main changing block visiible in this shot.


Here we see the length of the building taking shape and colour of the external blockwork, its early days in the blockwork, but if all goes well work will commence on the roof in ealry June. The final shot is taken looking across the first adult picth (2) alongside the changing block with the drainage pipes for the grass picthes now on site awaiting installation.


Its so good to see such great progress, and the dreams starting to become reality.

8th April 2011 - Construction Week 5

Members of the committee visted the site this week and were impressed with the progress being made with the foundations for the changing room block already in place.






3rd April 2011 - Construction Week 4

Four weeks in to the project and the favourable weather has allowed good progress. The car park which will have three tiered levels is now becoming well established with the lower level now laid to stone and has become the site offices compound, with the mortar batching plant in the background.

The second shot of the car park shows the middle tier and top tier just being escavated

The third shot shows the access road now laid to base layer tarmac (top surface added at the end of the project), and the foundations for the building are now dug out and first pour of concrete is ready for brick layers to start in the coming week, the footings are enclosed behind the temporary plastic safety fence.

The final picture this week shows the platform already established for the first of the full size grass pitches, this is ready for drainage to be added and then top soil added. Meanwhile work on the other grass picth platforms continues.

Work on the base and groundworks for the All Weather Pitch is expected to commence in a week or so.
Its quite amazing how quickly the site is starting to take shape!







19th March 2011 - Construction Week 2 

Work continues on the access road and compound area and has also started to the north of the Salt Line.


12th March 2011 - Construction Week 1 

Work has commenced on the access road and compound area.



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