Friday, November 17, 2017
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Disability & Schools Football

Disability & Schools Football Liaison Officer


 The schools liaison officers role within the club is to work with all of the schools and organisations by

  • Meeting with local schools at least twice per year
  • Be a contact for local schools
  • Ensure local schools receive information about the club
  • Establish ways that the club can support the schools football program
  • Develop opportunities for young leaders and players

Disability Football

We are working to develop opportunities for the inclusion of the various disabilities for children/youth/and adults to whom want to play football within our community.

The List Of Disabilities

  • Hearing Impaired/Deaf.
  • Learning Disability.
  • Cerebral Palsy.
  • Amputee.
  • Blind /Visually impaired.

Disability Player Pathways



All players must have a hearing loss of 55% in their better ear to qualify for games specifically for deaf people.

Rule Adaptations.

The rules of the game are layed down by FIFA ,Games are played 11v11,Players must not wear hearing aids during the game.

Competition Structure.

There are 15 football clubs in England playing in non disabled leauges at weekends.

There are two national cup competitions annually for male and female deaf players.

Numerous 5  a side competitions are held throughout the year.

There are European and World championships every 4 years.

Deaflympic games are held every 4 years

Learning Disability


Eligible players must have a learning intellectual disability as defined by the World Health Organisation [WHO].

This is currently anyone who has an iq range of 70.

Intellectual disability must be evident during the developmental period.This is generally considered to be from conception to 18 years of age.

Eligible players would have received supported or special education.

Rule Adaptations.

There are no rule adaptations and FIFA rules are applied. Games are 11 v 11.

Competition Structure.

There are various local,regional and national competitions held by organisations such as Gateway and the Special Olympics.

The Ability Counts programme includes regional and national competitions.

The International Sports Federation for persons with an Intellectual Disability [INAS-FID] stage European Championships every four years and World Championships every four years.


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